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The course will take place with a minimum number of 20 participants.

The maximum number of participants is 40.


The tuition fees for the course is Rs. 100,000 (plus taxes) payable to MLC in Mumbai.

Registration of eligible candidates will take place on a first-come, first- serve basis. Registration is deemed to be confirmed on payment of the registration fees. The final decision on the course taking place (being dependent on having minimum number of 20 registrations) will be taken by 15th of May 2018.


Participants are expected to arrange their travel on their own. MLC/ IHS will be able to issue a letter of acceptance for the course on registration, so that this can be used for applying for a visa for Netherlands. This visa (Schengen Visa) will also give access to other countries in Europe. All international flights from India arrive at Amsterdam Airport. There is a direct and regular train connection from Amsterdam Airport to Rotterdam. The train ride takes a little over an hour.


Participants are expected to make their own arrangements in booking their accommodation. Some information on this can be got from MLC (mitali.myliveablecity@gmail.com ).While boarding, lunch and dinner costs can vary depending on the choice of each participant, an amount of Euro 125 per day may be taken as a rough indication of costs the participants will have to bear in mind.


Weather in July in Netherlands is pleasant ( max.20-25 degree C- min. 12-15 degree C).

However, the weather remains unpredictable and changes very quickly. Rains can be expected intermittently. Participants are advised to bring some warm clothes and rain gear.