An Urban Farm in Paris

In France, one inhabitant in three dreams of owning their own vegetable garden. For those living in the cities, this remains a dream. The lack of open spaces, which could be dedicated to such activities is the main reason. But things could easily be turned around: Paris, the capital, has 314 hectares of flat roofs and warmer temperatures than anywhere in the Ile-de-France region. In other words, Paris could potentially become a suspended vegetable garden. Some people here are actively initiating this change.“Nobody had thought of this because Parisian buildings are perceived as an untouchable heritage. But this can change; people see what ishappening in other big cities around the world,”explains Fabienne Giboudeaux, deputy mayor in charge of green spaces and biodiversity.

Mrs Giboudeaux has launched a call for proposals in order to create 15 farms in the heart of Paris before 2020. The challenge is threefold: to reduce the costs of heating or cooling with green roofs, to recycle organic waste and, last but not least, to develop short distribution channels between producers and consumers.

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