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    Landscape and Infrastructure

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    Making Johannesburg Liveable


Worth the Walk

With a desire to activate urban areas to be friendlier to pedestrians, Vincenzo Centinaro examines products for a more sustainable and human-centered future


Landscape and Infrastructure

Shyam Khandekar in conversation with landscape architect Sylvia Karres


Interplays of Landscape and Infrastructure

Bruno De Meulder, Kelly Shannon and Vu Thi Phuong Linh talk about the long legacy of designed infrastructure that has revolutionised urban landscapes in Vietnam


Making Johannesburg Liveable

Ludwig Hansen tells us about the attempts to integrate marginalised urban citizens into an integrated city environment through spatial interventions and public space making


Living Infrastructure

Liesl Vivier explores various ways in which infrastructure can co-exist with its surroundings to create a more undisturbed public realm